Tips for Business Travel Emergencies

September 16 2008 by Mark Deyer
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Tips for Business Travel Emergencies

  • Start with a List - and I'm talking about a packing list that you have already compiled and keep on your computer. Simply print it out each time you're packing and follow it even though you've done it a million times before.

  • Medications - If you're taking prescribed medications, it's a good idea to keep at least a week's supply of medication on hand in their original prescribed bottles so you don't find you're out of a prescription when packing.
  • Basic First Aid - pack a small baggie with medicated band-aids, sleeping aids, pain-relievers, Pepto-Bismol and a packet of Emergen-C and hand sanitizer. (You really don't want to know how "unclean" those airplanes are!)

  • Spot Remover - for those of us that have to have a cup of coffee in hand wherever we go regardless of the fact that every time it gets spilled on our crisp, white shirt (or pants, skirt, jacket......) A quick dab of your favorite spot remover will keep you looking sharp for the early morning meeting.

  • Computer Crash - we don't want to even think about it, but it does happen. Print out a hard copy of that presentation AND save it on your thumb drive. Just think of the stress you'll avoid.

  • International Travel - talk to your physician or the company's travel physician to make sure you have the proper immunizations and prescriptions for intestinal discomfort, food poisoning and sleep issues.


By Peggy Serendipity Traveler on October 3, 2008 9:19 AM

My interpretation is to keep it simple and pack light. For clients traveling internationally with Serendipity Traveler i suggest no checked bags and beginning to get into the new time zone a few days ahead of the trip. Begin to eat lightly, drink lots of water on the flights and bring a disposable facecloth for freshening upon arrival. Make copies of documents e.g.your passport, medical info, itinerary, and keep one set at home, one set
in your purse and another at the hotel with your luggage or in the safe.
For business or pleasure familiarize yourself with the local customs, and travel with flexibility and a positive attitude .Life is Short, Travel Well.

By jen marino on October 3, 2008 4:20 PM

It would be great if you could post a generic list for packing and the individul could tweek it to their likings.

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