Winter Travel Schedules

January 14 2013 by Chris McGinnis
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snow plane.jpgDid you know that right now... in early January... is the cheapest time of year to travel? We are in the midst of what are known in the industry as "dead weeks" and travel bargains abound.

The dead weeks are a good time for business travelers on a budget to get out there and dig up some new business face-to-face. It's also a great time for leisure travelers with flexible schedules to take advantage of amazingly low rates for quick last minute getaways.

If you've got travel on the books in coming months, it's important to schedule your trips around peaks and valley in demand--here's some advice on how to do that:

The long, cold, dark stretch between the Christmas/New Years holiday and Easter may seem to last forever, but thankfully there are two long weekends to help break up the monotony of winter: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday January 21 and President's Day on Monday, February 18. While travel prices are generally very low during winter months, you can expect to see spikes around these long weekends as demand rises.

Romantics might consider turning Valentine's Day (Thursday, Feb 14) into a nice four-or-five-day weekend by combining it with the long Presidents Day Weekend. But keep in mind that many others will likely have the same romantic notion, and higher demand will lead to higher prices over this weekend.

Another date to keep in mind: Easter, which comes very early this year on Sunday, March 31. This means that most spring break travel will be concentrated in the month of March this year, leading to much higher prices. It also means that business travelers will likely have to share space with rowdy spring breakers in Florida and other beachside locations.

The good news is that an early Easter means that we'll see a longer "shoulder season" during April and May when the weather begins to improve, but demand and prices remain low and flexible travelers can score some great last minute deals.

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